Anti Shatter Window Film - for safety and security of glazing
  • Anti Shatter Film – to hold glass together after impact
    Anti Shatter Film – to hold glass together after impact

Anti Shatter Window Film

Anti Shatter Window Film can be installed to existing glazing to make it safer, or more secure. In the event that the glass breaks, the anti shatter window film would hold the glass together helping to prevent injury. It is frequently used to achieve compliance with health and safety legislation.


Glazing and the Risk of Personal Injury

In the home or workplace, where there is glass there is risk. With many types of glass (such as plate/ float/ annealed/ wired glass) there is a serious injury risk.

Non safety glass is responsible for thousands of injuries and many deaths each year.

Most accidents with glass are due to:

  • Failure to see the glass
  • Slips and Falls – knowing the glass is there
  • Intentional breakage

Serious injury is more likely to occur from glass in a “critical location” – for example glass at low level, in and around doors, and in areas with a high throughflow of people. Some examples of accidents involving glass can be seen in our videos section, or by clicking here


Glazing Safety – A Legal Requirement

Health and Safety regulations exist to;

  • Reduce the likelihood of glass breakage occurrence by increasing glass visibility, and
  • Reduce the effects of glass breakage when it does occur by ensuring that glass breaks safely.

Those responsible for glazing are required by law to ensure that all glazing complies with current regulations.

For more information on your legal responsibilities with regard to glazing, please visit our resources section, or use the following links:Regulation 14The Law and Glazing


Increase safety by installing Anti Shatter Window Film and Glass Manifestation

Non-compliant glazing can be upgraded to meet current regulations in two ways;

  1. Our Glass Manifestation can be used to increase the visibility of the glass, and therefore reduce the risk of a collision occurring.
  2. If impact does occur and the glass breaks, our Anti Shatter Window Film ensure that it breaks safely, therefore reducing injury.

Regulation 14 requires that all glass situated in critical locations be assessed to ensure that all glazing are of this safety standard – Anti Shatter Window Film provides this compliancy by upgrade the glass to EN12600 safety standards.



Previously had Anti Shatter Window Film installed? Are you still compliant?

Ahourglassnti Shatter Window Film and its adhesives have an optimum lifespan, and its performance will reduce over time. If your Anti Shatter Window Film has been installed for many years and now falls outside the warranty period (typically 5-10 years) your glazing may no longer be compliant with the above standards.


The performance of Anti Shatter Window Film can be tested to ensure that they are still working. Contact us to arrange a health check and audit of your installation.


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