Anti-Shatter Window Film for Royal Mail Sorting Office
Product: Window Film Window Film Anti
Type: Case Study
Sector: Office
Problem: Health and Safety

Health and Safety Compliance for the Royal Mail

Royal Mail sorting office avoids the cost of replacing glazing by installing an anti-shatter window film to meet current health and safety regulations

The Royal Mail has sorting offices spread throughout the country, and many are aged or historic buildings. When undergoing renovations the glass in such buildings needs to be addressed as it may no longer be compliant with current legislation. Health and Safety Regulations place a duty of care on those responsible for such matters to ensure the safeguarding of employees and visitors to the premises. The glazing is one of the most critical areas, and in this particular building, did not meet current standards.


Anti-Shatter Window Film is the solution

Replacing the glazing was found to be prohibitively expensive, so a retrofit installed Anti-Shatter Window Film was fitted to bring the glazing up to current standards. The office now benefits from 24/7 invisible protection against breakage – accidental or otherwise, whilst complying with all current health and safety regulations.



Ensuring Compliance by undertaking a Glazing Risk Assessment

A glazing risk assessment is an audit of a buildings glazing to ensure compliance with current legislation, and to identify areas where the risk of accidents can be mitigated.

It allows building owners, occupants and manager to;

  1. Ensure the glazing is fit for purpose and complies with current legislation
  2. Identify areas of risk
  3. Develop an action play to mitigate the identified risk

If an accident were to occur a glazing audit could be used to defend against litigation, as it shows that steps were taken to identify and mitigate risk.


With regulations frequently changing a regular Glazing Risk Assessment is essential to ensure your building remains compliant.

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