Causes of Fading

Causes of Fading

Sunlight and fading

Extended exposure to sunlight can have negative effects on carpets, upholstery and your personal belongings. Colours can become faded and dull, furniture and wood finishes can become damaged, and often the damage is too extensive to repair.



Causes of FadingWhat causes fading?

Fading is caused by a number of factors, such as;

  1. Ultraviolet Radiation (40%)
  2. Visible Light (25%)
  3. Heat (25%)
  4. Other (10%)
  • Chemical Vapors
  • Age of the Fabric
  • Dye Fastness
  • Wear and tear physically removing colouring agents from the materials surface.



Protect your belongings with Window Film

Window film filters 99% damaging UV rays – helping to protect your belongings against fading.

(Window film can also be used to address the other causes of fading – visible light and heat.)



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