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  • Bespoke cut and printed manifestation
  • Bespoke cut and printed manifestation
    Bespoke cut and printed manifestation
  • Bespoke Cut Manifestation
    Bespoke Cut Manifestation
  • Bespoke printed manifestation
  • Bespoke printed graphic
  • Bespoke printed manifestation
  • Bespoke printed manifestation
    Bespoke printed manifestation

Invigorate your workspace with Partition Graphics

Working in a busy office can mean spending hours at a desk, in meetings or in front of house reception areas. These can often be dull and uninspiring places. If the working environment is lacklustre, what effect does that have on productivity? And what sort of impression does it give to visiting clients or customers?

The use of internal partition graphics can make a huge difference to any office or retail environment. Colour, graphics and manifestations on partition glass can lift a room while ensuring your glazing meets current safety standards too.


Working without distraction

Using internal partition graphics to divide the workplace has the effect of creating compartmentalised office space without the loss of light.

Employees have the benefit of privacy while still being an active part of the office environment.

Partition graphics maintain fluidity in the workplace while adding interest and professionalism too.


In some areas it’s a legal requirement…

Large areas of transparent glazing may go unnoticed under certain lighting conditions. This can pose a risk to personnel and visiting clients or customers.

The law requires that we make any such glazing apparent in order to prevent unwanted collisions or injuries.

Glass manifestation is a simple yet effective way to meet current Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.

This could be a logo, sign, or standard linear pattern along the length of the glass which makes personnel aware of its presence.

Whether you require a solution that provides basic compliance or a full colour bespoke design, we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

See our section on glass manifestation regulations for more information.


Be bold with your brand

The sky really is the limit when it comes to internal partition graphics and glass manifestation, so why not make the most of the space?

Our in house design team at ARC Window Films can help you create the look you require. With state of the art machinery, plus a wide range of window graphics – including bespoke cut, bespoke printed or off the shelf – the options are endless.


What is it you want to achieve?

  • basic manifestation spots for quick compliance at low cost?
  • pre printed design films to add decoration on a budget?
  • full bespoke cut or printed options to create a specific look?


Vibrant colour and striking design will always draw the eye. Therefore window graphics and glass manifestation will not only boost your professionalism, they will aid communication with customers too.  


Why use ARC Window Films

We have the knowledge, experience and very latest technology to enable us to create almost any design from scratch. Our in house team of experts will happily guide you through your available options and help you choose the most suitable solution.

Our versatile range of products means we can satisfy all of your window film needs. Whether its privacy, branding, compliance or colour, we are ready to start your glazing transformation today!


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