Printed Wallpaper and 3D Lettering for the International Ice Arena
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Product: Graphics Graphics Wall Graphics
Type: Case Study
Problem: Appearance
  • Printed Wallpaper and 3D Perspex Lettering

Get Your Skates On!

Printed Wallpaper and 3D Lettering for the International Ice Arena, Wales


Bespoke printed wallpaper is an almost essential feature in leisure centres and activity venues. Eye catching designs can be used to convey messages, communicate with visitors, and help to enhance the visitors experience of the venue.

The Ice Arena Wales (IAW) is an ice hockey rink in the Cardiff International Sports Village in Cardiff, Wales. It has two ice rinks, and seating for over 3000 spectators. The external design and signage for the arena was impressive, however it had virtually no internal decoration or branding!

Management at the area felt that the bland white walls were not contributing to the experience of  visitors, and that a splash of colour would enhance their visit.



 Printed Wallpaper and Cut Vinyl Lettering

ARC Window Films supplied and installed bespoke printed wallpaper to key areas around the ice rink. The vibrant design is based on the welsh dragon, with contrasting shades of colour in chiselled ice shapes to represent the dragons scaly belly.

The printed wallpaper adds vibrant colour, branding, advertising of services, and helps with wayfinding for visitors. The material itself is easy clean and hardwearing, however for added protection we also installed clear polycarbonate sheeting across the bottom of the walls in high traffic areas to act as a protective “kick plate” against skates.

We also supplied and installed 3D acrylic lettering over parts of the design to give a 3D effect to the messages.



The printed wallpaper and acrylic lettering give a serious WOW factor, and create an experience for visitors in-keeping with the ethos of the Ice Arena.

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