DECC install energy saving window film
Product: Window Film Window Film Thermal
Type: Case Study
Sector: Office Government
Problem: Energy Efficiency
DECC Window Film

DECC install a virtually clear window film to improve thermal efficiency and reduce energy expenditure.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) works to make sure that the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies and promotes international action to mitigate climate change. They encourage and assist businesses to manage their impact on the environment by promoting the use of energy efficient technologies. One such technology utilised by DECC is energy saving window film.


The Challenge

In addition to advising others, DECC actively seek to reduce their own energy consumption in order to meet with Carbon Reduction Plan targets. Although Grade 2 listed, their office in Whitehall, London, is an 8 storey office building which utilises the latest in energy saving technologies.

DECC were keen to upgrade the glazing to reduce heat gain, however they could not replace the glazing or change the appearance of the building due to its listed building status.

A simple way to upgrade the performance of glazing without changing its appearance is via the installation of an energy saving window film. Such products are frequently used in listed and historic buildings to bring them up to modern standards.


The Solution: Energy Saving Window Film

The solution chosen by DECC was a clear energy saving window film which rejects heat yet maintains large levels of visible light. The product also ensured that the appearance of the glazing remained unchanged.


Energy Analysis1

Payback – 4.7 years

Cost saving pa – £4,274

Carbon Savings (t CO2e) p.a. – 9.8

Savings (Electricity/gas) – 3%


Glazing analysis2

Solar gain reduction


1Calculated using building energy simulation software before film installation.

2Calculated using glazing analysis software results before and after application of film.


In addition to the energy savings achieved from the installation, the window film also improved the thermal comfort of occupants and therefore the overall conditions within the building.

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