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Problem: UV Damage Winter Heat Loss Glare Summer Heat Gain
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Conservatory Window Film – Enerlogic

Conservatory Window Film is a simple yet effective way to improve the comfort of your conservatory – particularly over the summer months. Our standard range of conservatory window film is fantastic at reducing heat, glare, and damaging UV from entering through glazing.  However, when installed to a conservatory our high performance Thermal Window Film range also retains an exceptional amount of heat during winter – in addition to keeping out heat over summer.


Case Study: Conservatory in Preston, Lancashire

This conservatory in Preston, Lancashire, was frequently too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The newly built conservatory had modern high performance glazing with solar control coatings, and was therefore offering the best performance possible from the glazing itself. However due to the amount of glazing and orientation of the building this wasn’t enough. Heating and Air conditioning were frequently used in the conservatory, but this only addressed the symptoms and not the cause of the temperature extremes.


The Installation

As with many conservatories a tinted product was installed to the roof, and a clear product was installed to the side windows. This combination helps to reduce heat and glare from entering through the roof, but also reduces heat entering through the side windows. The roof would now act like a one way mirror (privacy from overlooking neighbours) but the side windows would remain clear from both directions.



Following the installation of Thermal Window Film to their conservatory the customers are able to enjoy their conservatory all year round. Heat gain is reduced in summer, heat loss in winter, and glare is reduced year round.

Due to the unique filtration properties of the chosen product, Enerlogic, the view is also improved. As keen gardeners the customers are delighted that the view outside is now in high definition. Objects appear sharper and colours more vibrant. And what’s more the heaters and air conditioning are no longer used!


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Thermal Window Film

Thermal Window Film is a range of solar control window films which have an additional low emissivity coating that helps to retain heat during winter. The product can be used to alleviate heat and glare issues, with the added benefit of dramatically reducing heat loss. When installed, Thermal Window Film effectively upgrades single pane glass into double, and double glazing into triple glazing.


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