Safeco Plaza

Safeco Plaza

Safeco Plaza

Madico SRS 330

Energy Efficiency, Summer Heat Gain

Washington, USA

  • Savings of around $200,000 annually
  • Decreased energy usage
  • Reduced carbon emissions

The Challenge

Safeco Plaza

The 50 Story Safeco Plaza Building in Seattle, Washington, faced excessive energy bills due to the solar heat which was allowed to enter through the large amount of glazing on the building. Large energy bills meant that the building had a huge carbon footprint – something that the building’s owners wished to rectify.


The Solution

In 1996 Madico Silver 30 Window Film was installed to Safeco Plaza. The building’s owners had previously installed a product produced by a different manufacturer; however this had failed after only a few months and had to be removed.

Madico’s Silver 30 was chosen for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides energy savings through decreased demand on the air conditioning system. It delivers superior heat rejection – 70% of total solar energy rejected. The durable, scratch-resistant film also improves occupant comfort by blocking the sun’s heat and glare and reducing fading of interior furnishings by rejecting 99% of the harmful UV rays. Other buildings in similar climates have had Madico window film installed for more than 20 years with minimal degradation in performance or appearance.



The installation of Madico’s Silver 30 Window Film was a simple way to decrease energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the buildings visual aesthetics. Even though the film was installed some 16 years ago, it keeps on saving money for the landmark buildings owners.

The project has paid for itself many times over and shows that the owners were thinking “green” before the trend became popular.  The current building owners, Hines and CalPERS, are enjoying annual savings of around $200,000 from the decreased load on their HVAC equipment – 16 years after the installation.