Case Studies

Case Studies

A selection of case studies that showcase our products and solutions are available below.You can search for a case study by Category, Problem, or Building type, by using the links below or the menu to the left. A range of case studies relevant to your chosen topic will then be displayed.

MG Tower

Window Film independently proven to Save Energy by top University

  • Location: Padua, Italy
  • Problem: Heat, Glare, Energy Efficiency
  • Product: LLumar® Helios RHE20 SI ER HPR

Millbank Tower

Solar-Safety Window Film becomes part of the London Skyline

  • Location: London, UK
  • Problem: Dated Appearance, Heat/Glare, Energy Efficiency
  • Product: SolarGard 4Mil Stainless Steel 30

Powerleague Soccerdome

View control window film gives privacy to function room at the PowerLeague Soccer Dome

  • Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester
  • Problem: Privacy for function room guests
  • Product: ARC WM PSSR

Royal Albert Hall

Security Window Film gives added protection against terrorist attacks

  • Location: London, UK
  • Problem: Potential Terrorist Attacks
  • Product: SolarGard Armorcoat

School Window Film

Reduced costs and an improved learning environment at a high school

  • Location: Cheshire
  • Problem: Heat, glare, and costly blinds
  • Product: Madico SRS220 XSR

The Whalley Wine Shop

Window Film Reduces Heat and Saves Wine at the Whalley Wine Shop

  • Location: Whalley, Lancashire, UK
  • Problem: Solar Heat Gain spoiling products
  • Product: Madico Nova 70 PSSR