Glazing Energy Analysis - Assess glazing energy performance

Glazing Energy Analysis

A glazing energy analysis is an audit of a buildings glazing to ascertain its energy efficiency, and the potential energy savings that could be achieved with the installation of ARC Window Film.

A buildings glazing offers one of the best opportunities for a solid return on investment for energy savings – but how big is the potential saving?



We offer 3 types of glazing energy analysis;

  1. Spectral Performance Analysis

This shows the performance of the glazing in the building, before and after film installation.

Suitable for: small projects

Uses actual values: Glazing (type) and film (type)

Advantage: shows actual performance of glazing with selected film

Drawback: very basic


  1. Basic Glazing Energy Analysis

A basic energy analysis shows the potential savings that could be achieved in a typical building of similar size, construction and location.

Suitable for: medium projects, when only basic information is available

Uses actual values: Glazing (type, amount), Film (type, cost), Building (type, size, orientation)

Uses typical values: Building (construction), HVAC (systems, set points), Utility (rates, usage)

Advantage: Does not need input from building owners/managers. Gives estimated ROI and Payback.

Drawback: Based on notional building and data


  1. Detailed Glazing Energy Analysis

A very detailed analysis that shows the potential savings that could be achieved using actual building information.

Suitable for: large projects, 300m2+

Uses actual values: Glazing (type, amount), Film (type, cost), Building (type, size, construction, orientation), HVAC (systems, set points), Utility (rates, usage), Ancillary (shading, occupancy)

Advantage: Uses actual building information and calibration during building software simulation for
improved accuracy. Gives estimated ROI and Payback period.

Drawback: Requires 12 months energy bills and some involvement of building owners/ managers to provide additional


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