Glazing Condition Survey - ensure glazing is operating safetly

Glazing Condition Survey

A glazing condition survey is an audit of the glazing in a building to assess the integrity and condition of glazing systems, ensure compliance with current legislation, and to identify areas where the risk of accidents can be mitigated.

A glazing condition survey allows building owners, occupants and managers to:

  • Ensure the glazing is fit for purpose, in suitable condition, and is compliant with current legislation
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Develop an action plan to mitigate the identified risk


If an accident were to occur a glazing condition survey could be used to defend against litigation, as it shows that steps were taken to identify the condition of glazing and mitigate risk.


With regular operation leading to wear and tear and regulations frequently changing, a periodic Glazing Condition Survey is essential to ensure your building remains compliant and is safe for occupants.


 Inspection and Reporting

A glazing condition survey will consist of a full inspection to all windows in the building and confirmation of H&S integrity and/or remedial recommendations to make faulty windows safe for the general public and tenants. Items inspected will include frame condition and existing glass condition/conformity as well as surface seals, all moving components, fixings, and hardware.


The written report would then include a quantification of any of the above named components which are deemed unsound and a breakdown of any faults thereof. Any Health & Safety risks posed by these would also be assessed and remedial proposals outlined.


The report will also include detailed specifications of the existing glazing systems and glass and components therein for future reference. The report will help you to develop the most cost effective strategies for glazing management.


 ARC Glazing Condition Surveys include:

  • Detailed project method statement and risk assessment
  • Full operational inspection of all opening windows
  • Inspection of all components/hardware/fixings
  • Inspection of glass to include condition
  • Inspection of aluminium framework
  • Inspection of all interface seal application to glass/glass frame
  • Inspection of all interface seal application to glazing/building structure interface


Our clients receive a full written report detailing:

  • Window condition to include all associated component status
  • Photographic schedule of conditions
  • H&S implications
  • System specification to include conformity with building regulations
  • External fenestration condition
  • Leak locations and suggested causes
  • Detailed drawing/ floor plan detailing defect locations etc
  • Remedial/long term requirements/solutions with cost implications
  • Price includes for all access and consumables


A glazing condition survey is a more thorough audit of glazing, covering its condition in addition to its compliance. This type of survey is most suited to aged building where normal wear and tear could have adversely affected the performance of its operation.


For more modern buildings, a glazing compliance survey may be sufficient.


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